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A Practical Introduction to Using Loudspeakers

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This article is a loudspeaker prima which is designed for people who have basic technical knowledge but have not yet before set up loudspeakers or for people who would like to know more about specific types of speakers. To start out, let me explain the basic operating principle of every dynamic loudspeaker. I am not going to talk about static loudspeakers. Those speakers are available but very rare and very expensive. Also, static speakers require a very high voltage and thus pose a danger if somebody was to touch the speaker wire which was not insulated properly.

Dynamic speakers operate by using a magnet which generates a magnetic field. Inside this magnetic field is a voice coil which is attached to a diaphragm. This was coil is electrically connected to a speaker terminal which is usually mounted …

An Explanation of Frequency Ports for Designing Loudspeakers

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Frequency ports are an important design element of loudspeakers. They affect the frequency response of the speaker significantly. These ports are small holes inside the enclosure of the speaker as well as a tube which is inserted into the hole and extends towards the inner of the speaker.

Through the frequency port mostly low-frequency waves are emitted. The diameter and the length of the plastic tube of the frequency port affects the frequency response. Usually the lower the diameter of the port the more linear the frequency response of the speaker. During the design of a loudspeaker, you should experiment with the location as well as the diameter and length of support. The location of support is not that critical. However, the diameter and length of support will affect the speaker quite a bit.

Some …

A Comparison of Different Wireless Speakers

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In this review, I will assess some wireless speakers which are popular in different markets. I will focus on their performance as well as usability in different applications. If you are on the lookout for a new pair of speakers then this post is definitely worth reading.

ipod wireless speakers

First of all, I’m going to look at speakers which are usable outdoors. As an example I’m going to use wireless speakers from Amphony. The speakers are fairly bulky and come in a plastic enclosure. They have an amplifier built in which is rated for a wattage of 80 W. Having a power fall amplifier such as in this case is crucial for outdoor applications. The outdoor environment usually has lots of sources of noise. Noise is generated by wind is well as cars driving by and pedestrians. In …

How to Pick Suitable Connectors for Your Audio Equipment

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Most types of audio equipment are set up in a modular way. That means that they are individual components which have to be interlinked. Therefore, interconnecting components are important. Picking bad-quality connectors can severely impact the performance of your equipment. This post is dedicated to helping you figure out which connectors to buy for your audio equipment.

Regardless of whether you are setting up power amplifiers or a Blu-ray player, having high-quality connecting cables are crucial for the performance of you components. Analog audio connectors are especially important because the sound is transmitted in analog format. Connectors which are corroded can cause degradation of the audio. That is because the corrosion will introduce a resistance between the connector and their receptacle. That resistance will change the sound. Therefore, I recommend always purchasing analog audio …

How to Improve Your Efficiency When Working with Computers

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It seems that the office that we used nowadays has changed quite a bit from 10 years ago. Almost every office nowadays has a computer as the central element. That is no surprise because the computer offers many functions to help improve efficiency. Also, computers make it much easier to organize information. Just remember how difficult it was to try to retrieve a particular file amongst stacks of file cabinets. Unless you had everything filed to the way perfectly, it would be a daunting task. The computer, on the other hand, makes it a lot easier to retrieve information. If you don’t know the name of the file you can simply do a search and the computer will sift through every file it has. Also, it is much less likely that the files will …